Never Far

by Mid Air

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When I was in my first week of music business school at McNally Smith College of Music under Craig Rice, he had prompted the class on what album takes an artist the longest. We all looked at each other. He then said, "The first one, because it takes from birth until whenever the album is complete."

Craig had managed Prince and been involved with other tastemakers of culture, and I have been privileged to be around many influential people in my life. Over ten years of writing, there are many people I could thank. I really do tell specific inspirational stories of how these friends and mentor figures changed my life, but you'll just have to follow along with what Chelsea and I do in our lives to hear them.


released June 23, 2016

Writing/Lead Vocals/Guitar | Luke Osicka
Vocals | Chelsea Osicka
Bass/Lead Guitar | Daniel Rosenbush
Production/Drums | David Wiesjahn
Cover Photo | Shelby Weidman
Logo Design | Duane Fukumoto
Band Photos | Ryan Lucas



all rights reserved


Mid Air Kansas City, Missouri

Luke and Chelsea, who make up the Kansas City based alternative folk band, Mid Air, first met in Eau Claire, WI, through a friend and got married six months later. Shortly thereafter they released their first album called, Never Far, streaming worldwide and garnering American college radio airplay. ... more


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Track Name: Far North
I was on a trip to the far, far north / And everyone all around me was sayin', "Hey son, what's that game you play?" / I said, "No game, I just know a name." // I got bad dreams so my friend shared faith / His was real, I knew it, I could read his face / My dad said, "Son, don't you pray that prayer, your feet belong where you are down there, your feet belong where you are down there." // Lit with fire down to my bones / I had fell in love with the Holy Ghost / But I wasn't in the Vine so my branch withered / The water was free but the Father wanted me. // Prodigal, prodigal, wayward son / If I knew He loved me, I'd said, "Kingdom come." / Will be done, this was foreign news / If I knew how to eat it, I'd'a fed it too / If I knew how to eat it, I'd'a fed it too. // One day I was getting older / My heart was dark, the air was colder / My friend said, "You were made for better." / He told me of the real Jesus / The One who died not to be near us / But make His home inside forever / Fear of life cut deep within me / But Hope arose and I knew who it was. // Lit with fire down to my bones / I am so in love with the Holy Ghost / Now that I am in the Vine, my branch prospers / The water is free, still the Father wants me. // Where the water is free / That's where the Father wants me. // I am on a trip to the far, far north / And everyone all around me is sayin', "Hey son, what's that game you play?" / I say, "No game," I just tell them His name / This ain't no game, I proclaim His name.

Track Name: Let It Go
Thinner ice has been traveled / Colder days have been lived / All have compared life to the winter / But it's your heart that will burn in this fire. // Faith's been likened to the weather / So has love and hate the same / You've been waiting for a breakthrough / But you've never, you've never met its name. // I wanna know what breaks your heart / But I don't wanna talk about it / The Word it is, the Kingdom of Love / Is a matter of power and not of talk. // My whole past is long gone / I've kissed yesterday goodbye / Oh tomorrow I too far (away) / I'm gonna show you / I'm gonna show you my life today. // You've held on for too long / You need to let it go, let it go, now / Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, now.

Track Name: The Gardener
You are the gardener / I am your soil /You put your seed in me / You are the reason / I show my colors / Why my plants turn to green. // While the sun's giving off light to this garden / Life is formed. // And I stare at the sun / While the cool breeze covers me / From dusk 'till dawn. // You have a purpose / I am your portion / You shall abide in me / You speak the seasons / I'll be the blessing / I will rejoice in you. // Rain falls down / On the just and unjust / I only receive / Your tender mercy / Overwhelms any of my disbelief / I only receive.

Track Name: Rivers
Put my feet on the ground with an eyeful of hope / Should I walk by my sight, I will repent till I'm blind / My mind wanders at times, my Lord shows me who's right / I've got reasons for flight, His Spirit trumps my might. // The gate is wide, the road is narrow for the perseverant soul / Dust into bones, you get beauty If you come to Me with questions. // Who are You, who am I? / What am I on earth for? / What's your purpose for me? / What's your purpose for all? // There is green, green grass / There is water of life / Not a movie of past / Could tell your story like Me / This is just the beginning. // Out of you will flow rivers of living water.

Track Name: Way of the Jungle
Just as a fly finds a place to rest I'll be there in the great assembly / Amidst all the buzz and the wind and the rain / I am hidden like an echo in a dark cave. // I am flying on my purpose my song / Though you've never really known I was there / And if my wings should fail / My heart will not faint / I am steady in the hands of my Maker. // Someone tame the lioness 'cause she's after her prey / She'll be there where the wolves are howling / And if there's a fuss from her kin, those small cubs / She's not tempted by the way of the jungle. // She is running on her purpose her song / Though you've never really known she was there / And if her legs should fail / Her heart will not faint / She is steady in the hands of her Maker.

Track Name: You Don't Ask (Acoustic)
Haven't you looked all around / And seen the cry of the orphan child? / She's clear as day 'cause she has a face / He comes to you, but he has no name. // 'Cause you don't ask for it. // I have cried so many times / For hurting lives plain to my sight / And thousands more are on my way / 'Cause dying souls have much to say. // I'm askin' God, "What is on your heart?" God, what is on your heart? // Only in You can I be strong / To get right the wrong You took me from / I used to take life like paradise / Now I give life, a sacrifice (mmm). // I'm askin' God, "What is on your heart?" / I'm not blind to the lost / I wanna see them found / So they see my life / And hear hope from my mouth / I open it wide / So they can know the love of Christ.

Track Name: Never Far
You give me peace / You give me joy that I can't explain / And I find rest, I find rest / I find rest in your loving arms / When I feel far from home / You remind me that I'm your own / When my mind is off in a zone / You remind me I'm not alone. // And I, I'm never far from home. // I walk a line, it's thin and fine / There's a story yet to define / Who I am, who I am / You're the Author of my good plan.